Sunday, February 21, 2010

Frankincorn Alley Cat Race, 2/27/10

This is going down next Saturday, the 27th in St. Petersburg, FL. I think I'm going to make it my first bike race in the two years I've now been riding. I'm trying to make this my first step in getting off of the sidelines and into the action. There is no expectation of winning or even doing well. I'm just trying to finish. Should be a great time. Even if you don't ride, come out and cheer everyone on.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Started

I just found this account that I created over 2 years ago and never did anything with. Well, that is over. This will be my first foray into the Blogosphere. I'm not a writter, so I won't pretend to be one. But you will be able to find many things here that interest me. Music, bikes, geeky things galore, possibly some art, plenty of opinion, you get the idea. Feel free to check it out from time to time or feel free to never look at it. Don't really care.

So, what does the title of this blog mean? If you ride bicycles of any type for any length of time, at a moderate level of seriousness, you might be familiar with the term, "pedal strike" This is when your pedal hits the ground, usually in a turn, and sends you ass over tea-kettle through the air and onto the riding surface. It's not fun...even if it sounds like it.Usually one can avoid such an incident by cornering with the inside pedal at 12 o'clock. Being a rider of fixed-gear bicycles I have become very aware of this issue. I have also learned to deal with it and it has translated into almost every aspect of my life. When riding fixed you are forced to, "pedal through corners" It's just like life, love, work, etc. You never have full control. All you can do is hone your skills, gather knowledge, gain experience and do your best to keep it rubber side down. Take this as you want to. I'm not telling anyone to go ride bikes or stop whining (I do my fair share). I'm just sharing the knowledge.

- Keep it rubberside down